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What We Do.

We are Contract Manufacturers and Fillers, Private Label & Customer Product Creators.

Jasmar’s extensive knowledge, and 36 years of experience, in the manufacturing of industrial coatings for the textile, fabric & leather, and construction industries, proved to be the space to develop and expand into our now ISO 9001: 2105 and SMETA pillar 2 accredited facility. With growth and expansion came opportunity, we began to manufacture person care products, in bulk, for the Spa and hotel industries, in the form of professional spa products, and hotel amenities.

The expansion within our personal care division has enabled us to provide a full R&D laboratory, allowing us to offer solutions for personal care product development from ideation to completion. Services include product development, product manufacturing, product filling and packing.

Our customers range from one man businesses to large retailers.


Up-scaling the production of your existing formulation for bulk manufacturing and filling.

custom formulating

With our extensive knowledge base, and in collaboration with our international & local suppliers’ advances in technology, and the latest innovative raw materials, we are able to provide our clients with new and exciting personal care products that compete in a challenging market to meet well-informed consumer’s demands.

Existing product development

Pre designed product concepts and formulation which are then tailored to fit your specific product requirements.

new product development

Developing unique formulations based on your brief and benchmarks.

Private label

Product selection from our existing formulation library with your choice of packaging and packaging supplier.

production capabilities


Whether for small batches of niche products, or large quantity production, our cutting-edge equipment has the capacity and capability to accommodate complex formulations of emulsions, oils, hydrogels, serums, lotions, creams, butters, and mask, for skincare, bodycare and haircare. Production capacity for these is up to 2000L per day.


Our automated machinery has the capacity to fill up to 20 00 tubes a day based on tube size.

Bottle and jar filling are undertaken on semi-automated filling lines with various foil seal options. Sachet filling capacity is up to15 00 units per day in various sizes. 


Labelling and sleeving.

Automatic shrink wrapping machine with capacity for both individual items and large box dimensions.

water plant

Our state of the art de-ionising ozone purification water plant provides the highest quality water for use in our production facility.

aerosol plant

Our aerosol plant, with AMA membership, has a small batch production capacity of between 500 to 10 000 units, of both aluminium and tin plate cans, in sizes varying from 50ml to 500ml.